Audio Visual Implementation

With audiovisual technology constantly evolving, SR Audio has the versatility and capability to design, deliver, and implement a state of the art solution to meet your business needs from concept to operation. Well experienced and highly trained team members will provide a complete on site technological solution that answers your business requirements. SR Audio provides support and management of all phases of the process including installation, maintenance, and upgrade services. Our audiovisual solutions can be applied in several settings including boardrooms, classrooms, and sports arenas. We offer solutions for kiosks, digital signage, as well as surveillance. SR Audio provides CAD and 30 renderings as part of the design process. Rest assured that SR Audio prioritizes and delivers based on our client's requirements and maintains the goal of bringing your company to life.

Government Corporate Facilities

• Complete Design facilities (CAD, 3D) • Complete Design facilities (CAD, 3D)
• Surveillance/ CCTV security systems • Boardrooms
• Secure Videoconferencing Centers • Training Facilities
• Briefing Rooms • Network Operations Centers
• Command and Control Centers • Video and Audio Conferencing
• Emergency Operation Centers • Digital Signage
• Courtrooms
• Public Meeting Areas
• Auditoriums
• Digital Signage
• Video/Audio Broadcast


• Complete Design facilities (CAD, 3D)
• Boardrooms
• Training Facilities
• Network Operations Centers
• Video and Audio Conferencing
• Digital Signage


· Complete Design facilities (CAD, 3D)
· Classrooms
· Network Operations Centers
· Gymnasiums/Multi Use Rooms
· Cafeterias
· Video and Audio Conferencing
· Digital Signage
· Video/Audio Broadcast


·Complete Design facilities (CAD, 3D)
·Video and Audio Distribution Systems
·Digital Signage


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